Diverse City: Nomadic Nurse Agency

Melanie Jade Boulerice is a registered nurse and the founder of the Nomadic Nurse Agency, providing health care services to those in need – right in their homes. She’s on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed has the story.

With holidays on the horizon, families turn to private testing for COVID-19

Hindsight makes it look like a canny bit of entrepreneurial genius, but the truth is, it never occurred to Montreal-based nurse Melanie Jade Boulerice that a pandemic might be coming when she started her small, private nursing service.


Melanie-Jade Boulerice, Registered Nurse at the MUHC and Director, Nomadic Nurse Agency (a mobile nurse agency)

Entreprenursing with Melanie Jade Boulerice

Is it possible to be more than a nurse? Certainly. Here is an inspiring example. This week we welcome Mélanie Jade Boulerice nurse in the emergency department of the Montreal General Hospital and founder of Nomadic Nurse Agency. Despite her full-time job, she never stops wanting to innovate and get involved in the world of health with her business...

COVID-19: Some 400 former Quebec nurses called in for reinforcement

Some 400 former nurses who had recently left the profession are stepping in to help their colleagues on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Nurse Melanie

Interview with Montreal's inspiring founder of Nomadic Nurse Agency, Melanie Jade Boulerice.

Healthy Life: Nomadic Nurse Agency provides invaluable mobile nursing services

Melanie Jade Boulerice has been a practicing registered nurse for seven years in the emergency room as well as in psychiatry. A graduate of John Abbott College followed by a BScN degree at St. Francis Xavier University, and is currently a teacher for the OIIQ exam workshops through John Abbott College. 

SPEAKER: Melanie Jade Boulerice, RN, BSN

Melanie Jade Boulerice is the founder at Nomadic Nurse Agency in the Montreal area, providing health care services to those in need – right in their homes...

Nurse Melanie Boulerice | Exclusive Interview with Venti Venti Vision

Hear from Nurse Melanie Jade Boulerice a Montreal based emergency and psychiatry nurse, an entrepreneur and the founder of Nomadic Nurse Agency. Melanie shares with us what is has been like working as a front line worker, the importance of gratitude in her life and what we can expect in a post-COVID world.

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